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"The Grow Wild Flower Share: How Supporting Local Farmers Benefits Both Community and Sustainability"

Updated: May 3

"We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist."

- Wendell Berry

Giving back to the earth and our local community were two huge factors behind why we wanted to start a floral business. There are so many publications highlighting the environmental strain that the commercial flower industry causes. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

This is precisely why we focus on seasonal and locally sourced flowers that are grown using eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Doing this actually benefits the local ecosystem by promoting biodiversity, improves soil fertility as a rotational or companion crop, benefits pollinators such as bees and butterflies, and supports our local farmers that may not get the same access to larger contracts that the commercial growers do.

Unfortunately, economies of scale prohibit access and exposure for many household consumers. Unless you have a local flower market or are near a hub where it’s easy to find the local growers, the day-to-day consumer will likely prefer the price and convenience of the grocery store or the big name florist in his/her/their area.

We brainstormed for a few weeks about how we can tackle this gap. We were thinking about co-ops, CSAs, farmer’s markets, and other group/community minded farm-focused structures, but they weren’t exactly a structure we could or needed to replicate in that way.

Then we started thinking about car-pooling and group travel such as Uber and AirBnB. Weird, we know, but hear us out. When you travel as a group, you share the cost of travel making it cheaper per person. This was it! But how could we take the group pricing structure and translate it to our consumers for florals?

A flower share is the perfect answer, and is achievable with our existing resources. We become the great uniter of the everyday consumer and the local, boutique, and micro farms/growers! Plus, creating a pool of subscribers will benefit all the participants the more that join.

We are in the beginning stages now, so we are launching for local pick-up at our studio in Exton, PA. There are 4 tiers to choose between ranging from 10 stems up to 40 stems (there are also add-ons!). The real magic is how we are structuring the share to benefit all subscribers the more that participate. To get the ball rolling, we will increase the stem count by 10% of the original tier count for every 15 people that join.

That sounds like math, so let’s help you out a bit! Once 15 people join, the tiers will be 11 stems, 22 stems, 33 stems, and 44 stems. Once 30 people join, the tiers will be 12 stems, 24 stems, 36 stems, and 48 stems. And so on from there until we ge to 75.

Once we get to 75 subscribers, we will be able to offer an additional location for our Philadelphia friends. Pick-up location will be determined and communicated as we approach 75 subscribers. Then, if we get to 150 subscribers, we will start offering a delivery option!

We want this to feel communal; like we’re building a network to support each other. It all trickles down the line from there: the farmers and growers benefit by getting more stems out to more consumers and you all benefit because you get more bang for your buck the more participants have joined.

We can’t wait for you to join the floral community, so we can flower-nerd out together!

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"You can't buy Happiness, but you can buy local, and that's kind of the same."

Local Farms you will be supporting:

  • Love ‘N Fresh Flowers

  • Liberty Plants

  • Hickory Grove Gardens

  • Terra Luna

  • Pinewood And Posies

  • Slabtown Petal Pickers

  • Flores Temporis

  • Cultivating Joy Flowers

  • Hickory Grove Gardens

  • Just Darlin Flowers


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