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Grow Wild Studios

Where your uniqueness and beauty can Grow Wild!

Grow Wild Studios is a sister (Liz) and brother (Tim) owned florist and design team. We are here to provide a unique, new-age twist to the traditional art of floral design.


Being nature lovers at heart, we want to do our part offering the highest quality of product, execution, and service while lessening our foot print on the world around us. Our goal is to marry environmentally friendly practices with sustainable, long-lasting products and services to curate the perfect feeling of maximum satisfaction and longevity with minimal impact. To achieve this, we focus on sourcing as many offerings from local vendors as possible and are actively working toward our designs being 100% foam free.

The limit to what we can do is merely our imagination!

New Age - 

a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional

Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism,

and environmentalism.


Meet The Team

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Liz Shea
Co-Owner &
Lead Designer

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Liz is a lover of all things fauna and flora. During her free time you will often find her working in the garden or reading on the patio enjoying the fresh air.


Liz took a leap into the world of entrepreneurship right after high school starting her own jewelry business. Right-brain dominant, and proud of it, she has always had a strong affinity for the arts and is passionate about helping the art community.

Even upon your first meeting with her, Liz will make you feel welcome and at ease - we're all family here!


Tim Shea
Co-Owner &
Managing Partner

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Tim is a plant-obsessed dog dad and outdoor adventure lover. He is a self-proclaimed work-aholic but he always finds time to get out into the garden or go on a hike with his two chihuahua mixes, Pickle and Olive.

Tim has spent the majority of his professional career in the hospitality industry as a manager and financial controller. Though left-brain leaning, art and creativity have always called to him.


A clear air sign, Tim is constantly on the move and looking for the next fun project to sink his claws into.

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